Can I legally dispense medications from my office?
Currently, only New York, Massachusetts, Montana, Texas, Wyoming, and Utah, do not allow physician office-based dispensing. Each state has its own set of regulations and we can assist you with this.

What are the benefits to dispensing medication from my office?
Dispensing your own medication offers many benefits to your patients. Most importantly, it provides convenience to the patient as he/she does not have to make that additional trip to the pharmacy. Additionally, it allows you better control of your patient taking their medication as prescribed. Dispensing also provides ancillary revenue to the practice and improves patient satisfaction.

What is the cost to the patient?
With workers' compensation claims, there is typically no patient responsibility.

How does dispensing medication affect my malpractice insurance?
Medical licenses in most states already allow or mandate that physicians can dispense medications. Your malpractice premiums should not change.

Do I need to have a pharmacist on staff to dispense?
Pharmacists do not need to be on staff to dispense.

Do I need a special license?
We can help you determine your state's requirements. However, in many states, an additional license is not required for workers' compensation medication dispensing.

What equipment requirements are there?
Equipment required includes: computer, internet connection, printer (to print labels). A bar code scanner is optional. We can provide you with a laptop and/or printer if needed. A lockable cabinet and room are also required to secure inventory.

How do I know the drug components are authentic and come from a reliable source?
We only obtain our drugs from FDA certified and registered drug repackagers. Each prepackaged container of pills is for single patient use. It is counted, packaged, and sealed at the repackager. This ensures a safe and error free process when you are dispensing. The medication containers are sealed from the time the leave the repackager to the time they arrive at your office.

Is the prescription software included and easy to use?
Our web-based prescribing software is easy to use and has pharmacy grade capabilities. The software will print the labels for the pill container as well as the patient instructions. We recommend a dedicated printer for the labels and since the software is web-based, any networked computer will suffice. The software has the ability to do real-time claim adjudication for many commercial carriers so that you can determine reimbursement, patient responsibility, deductibles in just seconds while the patient is waiting.

Will the prescription software interface with my practice EMR?
With our Surescripts interface, the software will interface with almost any EMR so that you can e-prescribe the medication(s) directly from your EMR to meet CMS Meaningful Use requirements.

Do you provide a billing solution?
We offer a complete billing, collections, and reporting solution for your claims. Our staff is also experienced with billing of your workers' compensation claims and we will follow up on claims to maximize reimbursement. You will be provided with detailed reporting and reconciliation on a monthly basis.

What are the start-up costs for the program?
We offer a no start-up cost option that can launch MetroRx in your practice in a few weeks. This workers' compensation program waives the cost of software licensing, monthly software fees, and billing fees. We will supply you with a printer and even a computer if needed. We can launch MetroRx for your workers' compensation claims in less than two weeks.

What level of support do you offer for the Topicals program in my practice?
We offer virtually any level of support your practice desires. At the launch, our technicians and service staff will aid you in hardware setup, software training, and dispensing of medications. They will also provide you with ongoing support and service to ensure that your practice is satisfied.

What do I need to start on the program immediately?
In order to proceed with the MetroRx program, we simply need you to complete our Program Enrollment Form and review our Program Management Agreement. We will also need copies of your state professional, controlled substance, and DEA licenses. After placing your initial MetroRx inventory order, we will implement the software and schedule onsite training. Then, when your inventory arrives you are able to start dispensing to your patients immediately.

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