What is MetroTox?
MetroTox is our top of the line drug screening program. Our program offers an efficient platform with superior on-going customer support for clients. We offer easily interpreted lab reports which can be customized to meet physician needs. We offer the option to add on-site employee to manage paperwork and processing, and the potential for in-office testing capabilities to capture additional practice income. Metro Health has teamed with some of the most reputable laboratory partners in the industry and MetroTox brings more than 60 years of clinical, operational and sales expertise only with licensed, COLA accredited and CLIA certified laboratories.

Why do Drug Screening?
The Center for Disease Control suggests that clinicians should use urine drug screening before starting opioid therapy and consider using drug testing programs at least annually to assess for prescribed medications as well as other controlled prescription drugs and illicit drugs. It is important to identify prescription and illicit drug use for not only the employer, but for the individual's own health.

Why Oral Fluid Analysis?
Oral Fluid Analysis provides you with easy, quick, and accurate information regarding recent drug use. Oral Fluid Analysis is a minimally-invasive collection method which takes about three minutes where samples can be connected under constant observation without infringing on a patient's privacy. With Oral Fluid Analysis, patients are less likely to manipulate results than urine screening. We provide quantitative results in 24-48 hours from CLIA, CAP, and DEA certified and compliant lab partners.

When to Use Fluid Analysis?
Oral Fluid Analysis is appropriate in treating patients on chronic opioid medications. Patients who are at high risk, have a history of abuse, or are suspected of manipulating urine test results are all good candidates.

Why Urine Drug Screening?
Urine Drug Screening is the most common and widely used method in toxicology. We have easy to read cups and offer speed, simplicity, and flexibility to all our partners. Our tests can detect parent drugs as well as metabolite detection. We provide quantitative results in 24-48 hours from CLIA, CAP, and DEA certified and compliant lab partners.

When to Use Urinalysis?
When a clinician needs to know a baseline history of a patient's prescription use of possible concern for substances that fall outside of the treatment plan. Urinary Drug Screening is a great tool to see if a patient is taking their prescribed medication, taking a non-prescribed medication or diverting medications.

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