MetroRx is our complete solution for your office-based medication dispensing needs. Our programs for both workers' compensation medication dispensing and also commercial insurance medication dispensing are not only significant sources of ancillary, but are also integral in maintaining that competitive edge for your practice. With increased competition for patients and dropping reimbursements for providers, these programs will drive higher patient satisfaction, which will in turn mean patient retention and added practice stability.

Workers' Compensation
For your workers' compensation patients, MetroHealth Solutions offers one of the most competitive office-based dispensing programs you will find. Because we are partnered with some of the nation's best FDA certified drug repackagers, we can offer your practice medications at the best possible prices while maintaining the highest quality and regulatory requirements. The single patient use medication bottles are counted, sealed, and then delivered to your office. The extensive list of available medications will allow you to customize a formulary for your practice that best suits your patients' needs. We will assist in optimizing your formulary and inventory levels so the process is efficient as possible. Our web-based medication dispensing software is very robust, and will allow your staff to dispense a medication to your patient in just 2-3 minutes. After the patient, prescription, and claim information is entered, you simply print a label to affix to the medication container and we will take care of the rest. Our expert billing, collections, and management teams will then review and submit your claims, and will handle the entire cycle of the claim, even if appeals or supporting notes are needed from your office. In most cases, we can launch this program in your practice in just 2-3 weeks. We also offer extensive training of office staff to ensure a smooth launch and program success. Please contact one of our MetroRx sales experts to learn more about this program.

Commercial Insurance
For your commercial insurance patients, MetroHealth Solutions offers a unique program that will allow your practice to dispense some commonly used medications to your patients, while generating ancillary revenue. Our web-based dispensing software is pharmacy grade in that, after enrollment with insurance plans, it will allow you to adjudicate claims in real-time. This allows the practice to dispense some common medications to patients with the comfort of knowing reimbursement, copay, and patient responsibility before actually dispensing the medication. Pharmacy benefits will vary from insurance company to insurance company and from plan to plan, but you will find that a good portion of your insured patients will be able to benefit from your dispensary as you generate ancillary revenue. Partnered with the best FDA certified drug repackagers, you will have access to many medications, dosages, and strengths for your custom formulary. We will guide you in developing a formulary that meets your practice needs while ensuring significant ancillary revenue. Please contact one of our MetroRx sales experts to learn more about this program.

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