As innovators and leaders in providing the best ancillary service lines for our physicians and other medical providers practices, Metro Health Solutions would like to present our full line of programs for your review. Not only do our programs provide valuable point-of-service and home delivery care for your patients, but they will also increase patient compliance and improve patient satisfaction. Additionally, your practice will experience better financial stability and performance, which will allow it to remain competitive in your region or specialty. Our programs for medication dispensing (MetroRx) and our mail order program, proprietary topicals (MetroTopicals), and toxicology screening (MetroTox), have been meticulously designed and underwritten with the assistance of the most reputable consultants and legal counsel to ensure regulatory compliance in your state. And our web-based software solution integrates our programs into one single suite for simplicity and efficiency. Our goal is to add value to your practice, to improve patient care, and to minimize ongoing costs and practice burden.

We hope you take the time to review our information materials. Our representatives are immediately available for a visit to help you determine the best program(s) for your specific practice. We are also happy to provide you with additional information and any other supporting documents that you may need. Metro Health Solutions looks forward to developing a long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnership with your practice and we are confident that the quality, compliance, and value of your programs is second to none.

Dr. Bal Nandra M.D.
Chief Medical Officer



Our programs are used by hundreds of physicians across the USA
We are physician and healthcare administrator owned
Our programs utilize professional billers with expertise in workers’ compensation collections
Our team has over 50 years of industry experience
Areas of expertise include orthopedic surgery, pain management and PM&R
We work with integrity to maintain compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations