MetroRx is our complete solution for your office-based medication dispensing needs. Our programs for both workers’ compensation medication dispensing and personal injury medication dispensing are not only significant sources of ancillary but are also integral in maintaining that competitive edge for your practice. With increased competition for patients and dropping reimbursements for providers, these programs will drive higher patient satisfaction, which will in turn mean patient retention and added practice stability.

We also provide a convenient home delivery pharmacy option. The Mail Order program takes the added hassle and risk out of in office dispensing to workers comp and personal injury patients. In addition to taking no additional staff or provider time, program volumes are increased through higher refill rates and less medication charges being denied. National averages of offices switching from in office dispensing to mail order show a 50% higher average number of dispenses and a 15 to 25% higher average collection rate.


Formulary is chosen by prescribing physicians
Medications delivered to the door
No out-of-pocket startup or ongoing costs as program revenues cover costs


Dispensing your own medication offers many benefits to your patients. Most importantly, it provides convenience to the patient as he/she does not have to make that additional trip to the pharmacy.

Additionally, it allows you better control of your patient taking their medication as prescribed. About 30% of pharmacy-based prescriptions often go unfilled for various reasons. Dispensing also provides ancillary revenue to the practice and can improve patient satisfaction.

Medical licenses in most states already allow for physicians dispensing medications. Your malpractice premiums will likely not change.

In order to proceed with our programs, we need you to complete our simple Practice Enrollment Form and review our Client Program Management Agreement. We need a copy of your state professional license and a list of locations.

If you want to dispense controlled substances, we also need a copy of your state-controlled substance license and DEA registration. In many states, a pharmacy license (NPDS) is required and this can be obtained online in just a few days. We will guide you through the entire process.

After placing your initial MetroRx inventory order, we will implement the software activation and then schedule onsite training. Then, when your inventory arrives you will be able to start dispensing it to your patients immediately.

In most states, pharmacists do not need to be on staff to dispense. We will train your staff in just a short time.