ABOUT MetroTopicals


This innovative program for office-based dispensing of compounded topical creams for pain and inflammation is one your patients will love. Our program is designed to minimize practice costs and staff burden, while providing a significant source of ancillary revenue to your practice. Our level of customer service, expert billing and management staff will ensure efficient claims processing. We currently offer formulations to treat a variety of common conditions that you may see in your pain management, orthopedic, or primary care practice. None of our formulations contain opioids or other addictive medications.


We provide full-service billing, reporting, and collections
Our trained technicians can mix your customized medications on site
No start-up costs or monthly fees for the practice


Topical Creams are non-oral, non-injectable, and not for intravenous use, hence they are nonsterile and can be prepared in a clean area with proper technique. Currently, a majority of the states allow physician office-based medication dispensing.

All that is required is a clean surface in a dedicated area, nonsterile latex-free gloves, and a mask. A secure storage area is required to safely store the inventory. We will provide a mixing machine, training and ongoing practice support so the process is seamless.

We only obtain our drugs from FDA certified and registered manufacturers and suppliers. Each vial of drug is premeasured, packaged, sealed, and tested at the manufacturer. The manufacturer is also certified by the National Association of boards of Pharmacy (NABP) and adheres to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) meeting the latest United States Pharmacopeia/National Formulary (USP/NF) and British Pharmacopeia (BP). The drug Component vials are sealed from the time they leave the manufacturer to the time they arrive in your office.

The definition of compounding “includes the preparation of drugs or devices in the anticipation of drug prescription orders, on the basis of routine, regularly observed prescribing patterns” as stated in the United State Pharmacopeia (USP). They can be stored for up to 90 days once mixed or one year if left unmixed.