ABOUT MetroTox


Urine Drug Screening (UDS) is becoming the standard of care. In fact, the CDC recommends UDS for patients using prescription painkillers. Illinois and other states have developed medical treatment guidelines that include pain medications monitoring via UDS. MetroHealth has partnered with some of the most reputable laboratory partners.

MetroTox brings more than 60 years of clinical, operational and sales expertise with only licensed, COLA accredited and CLIA certified laboratories. Our program offers an efficient platform with superior on-going customer support for clients. Easily interpreted lab reports which can be customized to meet physician needs. Potential to add on-site employees to manage paperwork and processing and the potential for in-office testing capabilities to capture additional practice income.


Two options available to providers for their unique patient needs
Provider’s name is not on the EOB
Quantitative results in 24-48 hours from CLIA, CAP, DEA certified and compliant lab partners


Oral Fluid Analysis is the tamper resistant tool for your medication monitoring protocol. This product allows for a minimally-invasive collection method and can be collected under observation without infringing on a patient’s privacy.

Urine Drug Screening provides a solid foundation for your medication monitoring protocol. It is not only the most common and widely used method in toxicology, but also provides flexibility, instant results, and plentiful data.

The device comes with an indicator that shows when it is ready after about 3 minutes.